Chutney-fying English : Hinglish.

“OH! I can’t understand a thing in this chapter! I’m just going to RATTOFY it man.”

“This scarf is TRENDIFYING your entire look”.

“I can totally PATAOFY that girl”.

“thora bohot COMPRO toh sabko karna padta hai”.

“You guys hungry KYA”

Hinglish as we know it is a hybrid of Hindi and English and other South Asian languages.

This language has gained huge popularity, because people of India think it is more realistic, those he speak it shape it and add it too. Hinglish is more of an informal “off-stage” language that we all come to use in our daily lives. Most of us feel, the use of hinglish helps us to come out and express ourselves better. We feel more confident to talk to someone in hinglish than in plain English or shudh Hindi. Chetan Bhagat, who has authored several award winning books, makes constant use of this language in his tweets and books as well.

But the question is, why hinglish, why not FRECH-lish, or JAP-lish or GER-lingish?

Sadly, We all know the answer to this question.

We are not proud of our mother tongue HINDI. Now I don’t mean to sound dark but that is the truth. Hinglish should be known as the most successful failure for us. It gives us the comfort, but also reminds us why we were deprived of it in the first place.

So here’s a novel idea, don’t let others decide what’s good or bad for you, if its Hindi you’re comfortable with, you have got to learn to tough out the finger pointing, and express yourself. It’s not about which language you choose, it’s about what you choose to say.

I’m speaking the language of my perceptions.  What’s your BAHANA to use hinglish? 😛


One thought on “Chutney-fying English : Hinglish.

  1. Well said. But its our own fault in development of this language. The cultural and linguistic barrier that we are so proud of is main culprit behind it. We are so regionalistic that our thoughts are mostly limited to our states. Most people are more proud of their states than our country India. This deprives the language Hindi of the love and therespect it deserves.

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