Welcoming Summers

Hello Hello Dear Readers!

OK, so today I’m writing this blog,article or whatever just, to you know, express how I’m feeling right now. So right now? EUPHORIC. I’m 19, girls of my age are always eeeeping OR weeping about one thing or the other right? It’s adolescence I’m telling you! OK so coming back to how I’m feeling, elated? Why? Because I’ve been neglecting “Missing out on Life” (My blog on wordpress) for a very very long time now. And I’m simply excited to be back. I promise my self to post regularly here. (err whether I manage to keep up, yeah I’m not sure about that.) 

So Summer time! I love the summers! Mangoes, swimming pools, skirts, shorts, lemonades,sunscreens,shades.. yeah sorry back from my reveries. So what’s not to love? Summer is the Prime season in India, stays for almost FIVE months! Ruskin Bond has written some great books describing eating mangoes and mouth watering dishes his grandmother made him, while he played under the shelter of huge mango trees in Dehradun during summers. And hey? The Summer of 69′ ! I’m sure all of us love that song? yeah? Summer Breaks are the best part of any students life. I have mine going on right now, and so I can write this blog. 

I know some of you don’t like summers as much as I do, you guys probably hate the tanning and sweat and blah blah but now that summers are here and are not going anywhere for a long while, let’s just make the most of it? 

Think of things you can do this summer. Make a list, be creative. I have mine ready. Having written this article I can tick off the first thing on my list. You guys better Hurry Up! 

Happy Summers! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Welcoming Summers

  1. The Summer for me is the worst season of all. The sun, sweat and tan are so not liked here in India. There is no thing as beautiful sunny day. It should be ugly sunny day. The winters are so cool and loved.

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