The lives we lead today, are a melange of hardships and glory. We got to earn every moment of happiness, even the tiniest one. Such short-lived glimpses to happiness may seem trivial at that time, but one realizes that they mean a lot, when one sits back and thinks about the past.

Fast paced lives do not give us a chance to appreciate the little things in life, hence deteriorating the quality of life.Our stifling work schedules, may give us the satisfaction of working hard to attain our goals in life, but it doesn’t allow us to enjoy the fruits of our hard-work. Today’s professionals practically live in their offices, because a word of appreciation or a pat on their back from their bosses means much more than enjoying ice cream on a sunny day at Central Park.

Even while people are physically away from their offices, they are constantly notified and updated about the happenings back at the office, through smartphones, smart watches, tablets and other ‘smart’ devices, which I like to think of as dog collars.

The palpable willingness in almost every individual with a fancy degree, (and many without one also) to compromise their family life, friends and what not, just to be slaves of the corporate world, appalls me. Making money, which they don’t have time to spend, or anyone to spend on?

Is it really worth the compromise?

But what about those who seem to have it all? The secret is time management. Being successful doesn’t require one to have an indifferent attitude; it requires one to realize the importance of the priceless resource, time! Managing your twenty-four hours, in an orderly and productive manner, will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

I understand that not everyone comes from money, most of us have to strive to make our lives comfortable and become independent, but having time for yourself, your family is very important. Don’t let the world tell you what’s best for you, decide for yourself.

Explore the occulted ephemera your life gives you. Spending your life in a cubicle might fetch you the funds, but you might miss out on several opportunities of spending that money or loose the people you wished to spend the money with/on.


One thought on “Ephemera

  1. “compromise their family life, friends and what not, just to be slaves of the corporate world.”
    What if that compromise is BECAUSE of them or FOR them??
    Maybe corporate world is not the only stop. i think it’s much more than_______.

    And Lastly, “Explore the occulted ephemera you life gives you”. This Stole the show! Golden Words;)
    and Great Article!

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