Transmute, presto!

As soon as I hop into my cab for college at 8 AM, I go through a mental checklist of things to be accomplished during the day. It could be anything varying from submissions and presentations to getting a haircut done. I also comb my hair, sort the things in my bag, revise my lessons listen to songs and sometimes even take a short nap.

When I reflected on my daily routine, I realized, that the only reason I am able to do so many things during my ride to college is because of the heavy traffic jams! Had it not been for the jams, I would’ve reached college in less that a twenty minutes, which is really equivalent to a blink of an eye today.

Big cities have seen a sudden spurt of vehicles on the roads. One can’t complain that people are too arrogant to take the public vehicles either, because they’re over crowded as always too.  The major cause is indeed the increase in number of migrants in the metropolitan cities, who come here in search of jobs, opportunities, better living conditions et cetera.

What is the right thing to do? Criticize the migrants? Criticize the policy makers? Criticize ourselves? Criticize at all?

The only thing once can do is make the most of the traffic jams, like I do. We can’t wait for our surroundings to change at the cost of our own time. We had better change ourselves and accommodate, while we still can.

What’s your take on it?


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