Don’t let it clog, just blog.

Who Am I? I love to read and write. I’m an engineering student. I love to take a break from my busy schedule sometimes, and sit back and just write my heart out on the Internet. Internet has given many a platform to express their feelings, it’s almost like our very own punching bag.

I love to explore new things on the Internet. Blogging is like talking to millions of people at the same time. It’s a really nice feeling.I  really wish to make the most of this opportunity.

When I first started writing, I thought I was so bad that I couldn’t convince myself to write another article for years. Then, my dad ( who has authored three books, FYI), sat me down and explained to me that blogging is not about conformity or accuracy, it should be as natural and as candid as it can get.

That’s what really encouraged me. Initially, I used to find it very exasperating, I would go over a paragraph again and again, to  make sure it sounded right. And even if I did decide on something, I would think of it as absolutely absurd a couple of days later.

But that’s the key to blogging. We must write, revise, re-phrase and re-write, until we’re fully and completely satisfied with our work.





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