Transmute, presto!

As soon as I hop into my cab for college at 8 AM, I go through a mental checklist of things to be accomplished during the day. It could be anything varying from submissions and presentations to getting a haircut done. I also comb my hair, sort the things in my bag, revise my lessons […]

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The lives we lead today, are a melange of hardships and glory. We got to earn every moment of happiness, even the tiniest one. Such short-lived glimpses to happiness may seem trivial at that time, but one realizes that they mean a lot, when one sits back and thinks about the past. Fast paced lives […]

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Welcoming Summers

Hello Hello Dear Readers! OK, so today I’m writing this blog,article or whatever just, to you know, express how I’m feeling right now. So right now? EUPHORIC. I’m 19, girls of my age are always eeeeping OR weeping about one thing or the other right? It’s adolescence I’m telling you! OK so coming back to […]

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Chutney-fying English : Hinglish.

“OH! I can’t understand a thing in this chapter! I’m just going to RATTOFY it man.” “This scarf is TRENDIFYING your entire look”. “I can totally PATAOFY that girl”. “thora bohot COMPRO toh sabko karna padta hai”. “You guys hungry KYA” Hinglish as we know it is a hybrid of Hindi and English and other […]

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